Commercial | September 2020

Buzzworks co-working spaces

Buzzworks co-working spaces


Small is the new smart; Exclusive is the new secure

Whatever the size of the business, we have a solution. When it comes to managed office spaces for small businesses, BuzzWorks is the place to be. Because we aren’t just another co-working space, we partner with clients in finding the perfect fit that works best for their kind of business. And make sure we cater to their exact needs.

Stepping into the new normal, while the workforce is all set to leave WFH behind and get back to their physical workspace there is bound to be an overriding sense of anxiousness and uncertainty. And as smaller working teams are becoming the new way ahead, we promise you a flexible workspace within a safe and exclusive environment.


Ergonomically designed, exclusive cabins for 4 member teams and above, your business is guaranteed freedom and flexibility to help your team bring its best to the table. At BuzzWorks, you could focus on your to-dos, while our facility management team takes care of the rest. Thus, assuring you a clean, safe and well-maintained work environment.




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A Few Thoughts

Much has happened since the last issue of Brigade Insight published in Nov 2019.


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