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Our continued commitment to community care


Realising the vulnerability of the poor and the marginalised in these difficult times, the Brigade Foundation believes that ‘caring is and always has been a shared responsibility’. The staff at Brigade Foundation, as their humble contribution have contributed Rs.4 lakhs towards these relief measures.
As an organisation committed to caring and serving, the Brigade Foundation, with an initial budget of Rs.243 lakhs has undertaken several COVID-19 relief measures and initiatives under CSR.


We have been receiving requests from various quarters for help and listed below are some of our concerted efforts.

  • Donated Rs.10 lakhs to TN CM Relief Fund
  • Distribution of ration and monetary aid to about 9,500-10,000 migrant workers
  • Rs.2 lakhs has been donated to Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Bengaluru
  • Over 80,000 needy people in and around Bengaluru have been given meals every day from 3 April to 4 May 2020
  • Three truck loads of rice were transported to Chennai and Mysuru to be distributed to the underprivileged
  • Rs.10.5 lakhs was donated to Sri Vasavi Trust Hospital at Kumaraswamy layout, Bengaluru for the purchase of Ventilators
  • Rs.25 lakhs was donated to KC General Hospital, Malleswaram, Bengaluru for the purchase of a 5 bed ICU module
  • Rs.17 lakhs provided for purchase of an ambulance at the
  • St. John’s Health Centre at Brigade Meadow


As of today we have sponsored over 3,65,000 meals through various organisations. Through these concerted efforts and help, we will get through these difficult times

St. John’s Health Centre at Brigade Meadows from conceptualisation to realisation


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought sharp focus on the need for improved health and access to affordable care especially to the underprivileged. Realising the need of the hour, the Brigade Foundation has joined hands with St. John’s Medical College Hospital and together have established the ‘St. John’s Health Centre at Brigade Meadows’. This is part of our CSR initiative. The health centre caters to the neighbourhood and will eventually become a full-fledged hospital. This initiative was conceived, conceptualised and realised in just a matter of 1 year.

In grateful acknowledgement of the contribution of
The Brigade Foundation to St. John’s Medical College Hospital

Covid-19 and Brigade Foundation

The history of our time will have to wait for long to record and assess the actual impact of COVID-19 pandemic, as it encompasses larger societal, economic and political levels. Though no one knows how long it will last, the pandemic will eventually end. In spite of an adverse situation, the Brigade Foundation, a not-for-profit trust established to promote education, health and community development has undertaken many relief measures and CSR initiatives in these trying times.


Our Focus - Staying connected with students digitally

The Brigade Schools have been working hard and in unison, to honour our commitment to providing students a relatively uninterrupted, accessible and engaging educational experience.


Exclusive online platform

This platform ensures customised online teaching and learning methods through appropriate technology, in real-time online or offline mode. Our students can access our content virtually from any device with the help of dedicated and committed teachers with expertise to handle the classes.


For the Pre-primary Classes an orientation was given to parents on the use of digital devices and the need to create a conducive environment. Parents have been advised to be beside their children during online classes.

A 30 min ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions was conducted to enable children to see their teachers and classmates.

We have 346 trained teachers and every class has 1 or 2 co-teachers along with the class teachers. We have conducted 2,880 sessions from 15 June 2020 amounting to 2,160 hours of classes. Out of 3,450 students from the three schools, over 95% including RTE children attend these online classes regularly.

We are eagerly waiting for this phase to end and for normalcy to return. So that the teachers and children can get back to regular school and have the real-life classroom experience. Of course, the benefits of online teaching will continue to be reaped as and when required.

Once the school reopens, exit strategies will be strictly adhered to, in order to ensure uninterrupted learning.

Dr. H Shashidhar (IAS-Rtd)
Chief Executive Officer,
Brigade Foundation

General, Brigade Group



A Few Thoughts

Much has happened since the last issue of Brigade Insight published in Nov 2019.


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