Residential | September 2020

A one-stop-shop for everything in interior design

A one-stop-shop for  everything in interior design

Brigade Plus easy home packages are a one-stop-shop solution for home interiors. We provide end-to-end home interior solutions for Brigade Homebuyers.

Brigade takes pride in providing quality homes. Over time, we have realised that our customers face a lot of challenges in getting their interiors done. Home interiors are still a largely unorganised segment and standards of quality tend to vary between vendors as well. The bigger challenge still is, coordinating with multiple vendors such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc. Brigade Plus helps in collaborating with all these vendors to provide a seamless and memorable customer experience, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Our primary offerings are, Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Electrical Fixtures, Home Automation and Air Conditioning. However, we are not limited by the options mentioned above. Brigade Plus can also cater to customisation as per your personal style and requirements.

Being a developer enables us to provide seamless end-to-end services, unlike other vendors, where customers may have to deal with different people, depending on the scope of work. While external designers and vendors can work on the interiors only after possession of the apartment, customers who opt for a Brigade Plus package, will have their interiors delivered at the time of possession. As developers, we plan the interior work much in advance. The customer also has a price advantage against the retail pricing for the same products, and time benefit compared to third party vendors.

Our expert and accomplished designers specialise in design and decor, to help customers create a home that compliments their lifestyle. Additionally, all our products come with a warranty period, unwavering support and maintenance services.

Customers can see the product specifications and samples before booking the Brigade Plus packages. They can also visit our model homes at the Experience Centres/Marketing Offices at project sites for a firsthand experience.

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