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Home buying goes online full steam ahead! FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Home buying goes online full steam ahead! FULL STEAM AHEAD!

For many years, home buying process has been done the brick and mortar way, for most part. Customers have searched online or offline for their dream home, but mostly preferred to visit the sites and check for themselves, the location of their new home and the physical progress. Technology, although capable of creating many virtual experiences, was used in a limited manner till the COVID-19 struck early this year. With movements limited by the fear of the pandemic, both developers and customers preferred to use the digital medium to showcase the property, conduct virtual tours and eventually conclude the documentation and payments.

At Brigade, we started the preparations to go online for the home buying process, well before the country was locked down in March 2020.

All project details including the virtual tours of the site and the show flats were available on the project microsites. We also created an online application form, enabled with digital signature and an e-payment process. This helped customers complete the process faster and we were able to welcome, happy customers into our fold. Our team also conducted many project webinars to share the project related information to prospective buyers.

Our belief is that the online booking will continue to be a part of the residential sales process in the time to come. With improved technology both in showcasing the property and communication, it will be a preferred way for NRIs and those who stay in other cities.

rajendra joshi

Rajendra Joshi
Chief Executive Officer, 
Residential, Brigade Group


Residential, Bengaluru North



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