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A Beacon of Brilliance

A Beacon of  Brilliance

Nikita Kadaba, a standout student from The Brigade School @ Malleswaram, clinched the 3rd state rank in the class 10 ICSE exams, embodying the excellence of our institution. Beyond her stellar academic achievements, Nikita's persona is enriched by her talents as a singer, eloquent speaker, and confident debater, which were on display during various school events. She ended the academic year 2022-23 as our valedictorian and recipient of the best outgoing student award.

Reflecting on her journey, Nikita shares, "The Brigade School @ Malleswaram has empowered my success, culminating in scoring 99.4% in the ICSE board examinations 2022-2023. Since 2011, my experience here has been marked by fond memories and growth opportunities. The school's unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in my achievements. I am deeply grateful for everything this institution has given me."

Brigade Insight


“ We first observe the student's strengths and weaknesses. Then, the teachers teaching the curriculum make a plan. A new method of teaching is devised if it is required and with the consent of the parent the remedial program is carried out. The process requires patience and understanding which should be such that the child feels safe and encouraged to do better. The progress itself is charted upon itself. ”

– Sangeeta Nayakkankuppam,
Deputy Head, Brigade Foundation, Brigade School,
in conversation with News Trail, India on creating
a healthy environment for children
to overcome disabilities.

Brigade Insight

Brigade Insight

Brigade Insight


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A Few Thoughts

Half of calendar year 2023 is over. Unfortunately, there isn’t much ‘feel good’ news in the world, except in India, Middle East & few countries in Southeast Asia.


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