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Collaborators in Regenerative Landscape

Collaborators in  Regenerative Landscape

Sustaining Memorable and Ecologically Sensitive Urban Environments.

Contributed by CPG Corporation

The partnership between CPG Consultants (CPG) and Brigade Group over decades has resulted in a series of successful and award-winning projects in various segments such as residential, hospitality, high-end work places, and tech campuses development. What makes these collaborations stand out is their shared vision and commitment to creating memorable and ecologically sensitive urban environments, making sustainability possible through their pursuit for low environmental impact, implementable and maintainable designs.

Implementing Success Through Long-term Partnership Through shared vision and successful collaborations, they built a dynamic working relationship based on trust, which paved the way for their specialised and collective capabilities to implement projects that achieve excellence with international recognition.

Memorable and Ecologically Sensitive Approach One of the defining characteristics of CPG and Brigade's collaborative efforts is the creation of memorable spaces that leverage the unique beauty or characteristics of the site and its surrounding physical and cultural context. Each project first goes through an in-depth site
analysis for the design team to understand the environment so that the end design evokes and celebrates the site’s unique character. This design strategy is essential to provide a truly memorable experience for visitors and long-term users.


CPG and Brigade prioritise an ecologically sensitive approach, advocating the harmony between people and nature in their projects. They work to integrate the built environment seamlessly with nature and to maximise the replacement of greenery lost to development. CPG’s ecologically sensitive approach to design stresses the importance of allowing the natural dynamics, harmonious integration, and co-existence of these 3 major components:

  • Green (flora)
  • Blue (waterways)
  • Users (humans and fauna)

They strive to combine nature-based solutions with biophilic design in every project to maximise the benefits of nature in improving the wellness of users and it allows for a more sustainable management of the sites. This approach ensures that their projects not only provide functional spaces but also contribute positively to the surrounding ecosystems.

Sustainable Environments


CPG and Brigade recognise the importance of sustainable design and its long-term impact on the environment. In their collaborations, they focus on creating practical and sustainable designs that minimise negative environmental impact. Strategies geared towards the closed-loop concept such as efficient management of
resources (natural or newly introduced to site), waste reduction, use of recyclables, ethically sourced and environment-friendly materials, etc. are intentionally pursued in their projects.

Furthermore, they have collaborated on projects that showcase regenerative landscapes wherein waterways are used to manage site run-off. Topography and greenery are also designed intuitively to capture, slow down and cleanse site run-off, contributing to water-table restoration and habitat formations which lead to an increase in biodiversity, improvement of micro-climate, reduction of flood risks, as well as an overall increase in the wellbeing of users. You can check out the integration of regenerative landscapes by CPG and Brigade in the following projects:

  • Brigade El Dorado
  • Brigade Oasis
  • Brigade Tech Gardens

CPG and Brigade’s commitment to memorable, ecologically sensitive and sustainable developments sets them apart in the industry. As the value of sustainable and environmentally conscious designs becomes increasingly prominent, the partnership between CPG and Brigade continues to lead and inspire others to create better human spaces that respect nature and acknowledge its incomparable innate power to inspire, create and restore life.

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