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From a Soldier’s Diary- Life on Civil Street

A former soldier reflects on his transition from military life to civilian society.

“How do you feel after leaving the army?”, a student asked me in one of my lectures at an engineering college.

25 years – a quarter of a century – in the army, was a lesson for a lifetime. Lessons beyond any university curriculum. The military honed my skills in assuming responsibility, owning results, meticulous planning, and executing tasks professionally. My strict adherence to time, discipline, and military attire set me apart in the civilian world.

Living with a 'mind our own business' ethos, my focus was solely on defending our motherland. Being shielded from external influences kept me serene, sane, and tolerant. Serving in diverse parts of the country, I interacted with people of different languages, cultures, and faiths, developing a deep understanding of our nation's fabric.

In the army, camaraderie was central. Our common religious area, Sarva Dharma Sthal, allowed all faiths to practice. This unity fortified us in battle. The driving force was not the modest salary of a soldier, but the passion to protect the izzat (respect) of the nation and paltan (the fighting units).

In roles outside combat, the army's training taught me to prioritize mission success over personal sacrifice. The aim was to Win the Hearts And Minds of the People (WHAMP).

Transitioning out of the army, my learning continues in civilian life, though the rat race in professional life is hard to comprehend. I've realized that discipline and punctuality are rarities here. I've learned to live with these societal norms and have adapted well. Despite the differences, love, simplicity, and belief still thrive.

Joining the Brigade Group, founded on the values I lived by in the army, was a highlight of my post-army life. I dedicate some of my time to PSR – Personal Social Responsibilities, teaching rural students, aiding young war widows and meritorious students, and encouraging young minds to contribute to the nation's growth.

“ Joining the Brigade Group, founded on the values I lived by in the army, was a highlight of my post-army life. ”

Brigade Insight

– Colonel Narasimha K N
Head-Estates & CCS, Brigade Group

General, Brigade Group



A Few Thoughts

Half of calendar year 2023 is over. Unfortunately, there isn’t much ‘feel good’ news in the world, except in India, Middle East & few countries in Southeast Asia.


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