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Autism Mela- A Melody of Inclusion

Autism Mela- A Melody of Inclusion

On April 2, 2023, World Autism Awareness Day, the Indian Music Experience (IME) Museum's Project Svaritha held the Autism Mela. This globally recognized day, established by the United Nations, aims to increase understanding, acceptance, and empowerment for individuals with Autism. IME Museum marked the day with a full-day programme exclusively for individuals on the spectrum, featuring performances, a drum circle, and a film screening. The mela also showcased products made by autistic creators. 

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The event was designed to celebrate diversity and make the museum experience more empathetic and accessible. Project Svaritha, IME's flagship outreach initiative, strives to make the museum inclusive and enjoyable for all, particularly children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and those with neurodivergent needs. The project organizes Music Immersion Tours, Music Therapy Workshops, Drum Circle Sessions, and Film Screenings for children on the spectrum.

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A Few Thoughts

Half of calendar year 2023 is over. Unfortunately, there isn’t much ‘feel good’ news in the world, except in India, Middle East & few countries in Southeast Asia.


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