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Master the art of small-space living with these creative design hacks

Master the art of small-space living with these creative design hacks

Urban residents know all too well that space is a genuine luxury. ‘Your home is a living space, not storage space’, says author and minimalism advocate Francine Jay. The key is to make the most of the space we live in rather than filling it up with things and more things. With smart design strategies, you can maximise space utilisation in your home.

The true essence of small-space living is about prioritising functionality, value and purposeful aesthetics without compromising comfort. Choosing the right home décor is pivotal to making a cosy space seem spacious. Experimenting with lighting or the choice of colour schemes does wonders to create a sense of openness. With thoughtful layouts and decorative elements, any small room can be made to look expansive.

Here are some smart interior design ideas to transform your small home into a highly functional and spacious haven:

  • Rethink room layouts
    Optimising room layouts is a great way to bring balance and harmony to a space. Multi-function room layout design works best in homes with a space constraint. By using area rugs, lighting or furniture, spaces can be subtly defined into different areas in a compact room.
    Place furniture along the walls so the central area is kept free. Declutter doorways, windows or entrances to let the room breathe without disrupting movement.
  • Use lighting and colour dynamics
    Good lighting makes a small space feel more open and adding mirrors to the décor helps to add depth and spread natural light. The paint colour you choose for the walls affects the perceived size and feel of a room. 
    Mixing different light fixtures at different heights allows you to create a warm atmosphere or highlight specific areas. Another smart design tip is to use colour combinations with negative space in between. This enhances the openness of the space.

  • Use the right furniture proportions
    When choosing furniture pieces for a room, consider the proportion of every element with others. Make sure it is the right size and shape for the space. Go for ergonomic furniture that is both stylish and functional. Adjustable chairs, standing desks, or even easily reconfigurable modular furniture suits small spaces. 

  • Add customised storage solutions
    One of the top concerns of small homeowners is finding the space for storage. By putting to good use spaces beneath desks, beds or stairs you can upsize your storage. Freeing up floor space with vertical storage is a smart interior design for small apartments.
    Keep the home organised with multi-functional or modular furniture, such as a storage ottoman, Murphy beds, trundle beds or built-in storage options. It is key to have the right balance of open and closed storage to keep the home clutter-free. 


Even the most compact spaces can be transformed into spacious havens of functionality through careful planning and by embracing smart design tips for homes. Creativity should be at the fore to bring in innovation into every nook and cranny. Resourcefulness and design acumen turn an ally for every homeowner navigating the challenges of small home living.

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