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Open Spaces Redefining the Heart of Modern Townships

Open Spaces Redefining the Heart of Modern Townships

Modern township developments are reshaping the residential living landscape. Especially with top metros grappling with unparalleled levels of saturation. These integrated townships offer respite from the urban sprawl for several reasons. Connectivity, elevated security, premium residences, modern amenities and green spaces are some undeniable perks.

People are ready to pay a premium for the modern township lifestyle. These promise a quieter, greener environment for themselves, their children and elders—away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Every need for modern living, leisure or entertainment is set within a convenient distance from townships. 

Abundance of open spaces

The generous availability of open spaces in townships is a key feature attracting modern homebuyers. These developments offer spaces in the form of parks and gardens, jogging tracks, cycling paths, paw parks, children’s playgrounds and more. 

The greenery and airiness are slowly taking over the concept of suffocating concrete jungles. A well-designed township with green infrastructure enhances the long-term liveability and resilience of the urban environment. The prospective buyers of modern townships are ensuring to check project layouts to assess the ample availability of open spaces.

Significance of open spaces

Top cities across India are witnessing the emergence of developments that prioritise the significance of open spaces. Green open spaces continue to remain a highly sought-after quality of integrated townships. The health benefits of open spaces cannot be overstated. The modern living township transformation with green open spaces contributes to lower healthcare expenses for the young and elderly alike. Exposure to nature is always linked to reduced stress, improved mood, and enhanced mental well-being. 

Role of planning in townships

In our increasingly crowded urban landscapes, people are seeking housing alternatives that bring them closer to nature. Integrated townships that prioritise open ventilation and views of recreational views are growing in demand. 

This, in turn, affects property values and is commanding a premium that homebuyers are ready to shell out. Meticulous planning at the design stage is crucial to the success of a township development. This allows every home in the township to have equal access to open spaces. 

Townships as community hubs

Modern townships often ensure a balanced distribution of recreational zones in the community. With proper mixed-use zoning, townships offer specific designated areas for housing, retail spaces, offices and communal facilities. 

Integrating the space for community-centric amenities such as community centres, sports complexes and cultural hubs can encourage social interaction and enhance inclusivity within the community. Modern townships have the potential to evolve into thriving communities that contribute positively to the broader urban landscape.


Modern township transformation is known for its holistic design philosophy emphasising residents’ wellness and recreation. There are ample avenues for physical activities and relaxation with jogging tracks, sports courts, yoga lawns or landscaped gardens. There are also opportunities for artistic expression in townships thereby promoting a rich cultural tapestry. Thoughtful planning is the key to unlocking the true potential of townships. 

Many developments are recognising how the open spaces can be converted into dynamic community hubs where residents can truly live, connect and flourish. Brigade Meadows, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Orchards, and Brigade El Dorado are some of our projects based on the format of integrated townships. With modern townships, you are investing in a ‘new-and-improved’ lifestyle and not just a home!

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