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The Allure of Gated Communities

The Allure of Gated Communities

Our way of life and how our families live have a profound impact on everything. The new generation of homebuyers and families are increasingly drawn to the traditional charm of community living. Gated community family homes are designed as self-sufficient environments that offer a wholesome lifestyle in this fast-paced world. These secure residential developments encourage a more cohesive social life and especially appeal to families with children.

The gated community phenomenon is expected to rise in demand. Redseer, a top management consulting firm predicts the demand for gated communities in India to surge by 2.5 times and that nearly 24 million households will reside in gated communities across India by 2026. Today’s well-informed homebuyers, especially those with families have an affinity for modern amenities that come together in a safe and secure setting. Apart from unparalleled exclusivity and privacy, a gated community environment ticks all the right boxes.

With many dual-income families, parents look for options to keep their kids engaged. Many developers are addressing this need by including kid-friendly amenities, such as learning hubs, reading rooms, clubhouses, playrooms, sports and co-curricular activities, within their gated projects.

Here are the top five compelling reasons why gated community houses are the optimal choice for families with children:

Enhanced Security & Safety Features: The top benefit is no doubt the round-the-clock security in the form of security personnel, manned entry and exit points, CCTV surveillance, intercoms and access control systems. The availability of secure play areas without local traffic, tiresome commutes and strangers is a huge plus for parents. In the case of unforeseen emergencies, many gated communities have on-site first aid or medical assistance as well as in-house maintenance personnel. 

Sense of Community & Belonging: Gated communities offer an environment where children can develop interpersonal and social skills. Kids no longer need to miss out on the joys of being a part of large joint families. Residents come together for small and big celebrations, sports tournaments and community cultural events. These lifelong bonds are integral to the emotional and mental development of children. 

Green and Serene Environment: With a focus on green and open spaces, most of these modern communities are designed by incorporating sustainability, energy efficiency and environment-friendly building materials. Such residential enclaves are designed to ensure a calm and relaxing ambience for families. They also give residents the feeling of belonging to a socially responsible community.

Proximity to Schools and Healthcare: Most gated community projects are strategically located. The proximity to educational and healthcare facilities ensures easy and hassle-free access saving valuable time otherwise spent on daily commutes. Some gated communities have in-campus schools, creche and medical facilities. Families in gated communities also enjoy quick accessibility to shopping centers, entertainment hubs and major transportation routes. 

Access to World-class Amenities: Gated communities provide specially curated amenities for families. They make it easy for kids to stay active and healthy by offering fun activities like cycling, walking trails, and more. These amenities are always well-kept and well-lit, so you can enjoy outdoor time with your children whenever you want.


Gated community houses are no longer considered the exclusive domains of the urban rich. Present day homebuyers are more than willing to pay a premium for the distinctive lifestyles that gated projects offer. 

Brigade Orchards and Brigade Valencia are excellent residential choices for families. Brigade Orchards offers a lush paradise for those who love nature and have a passion for a consistently active lifestyle. Brigade Valencia features 85% open spaces and 35+ curated amenities for families and children.

Gated communities are bound to grow in popularity for families with children owing to access to superior services, heightened safety and exclusiveness of interaction. 

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