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6 Key attributes that make us the best place to work

6 Key attributes that make us the best place to work

Today, the workplace is constantly evolving and making way for newer, contemporary and convenient ways to work. Co-working spaces, work-from-home policies and facilities for on-the-move employees are few of the most trending work cultures. Many companies have adapted such flexible policies to keep their employees more engaged. Studies have shown that the most engaged employees are significantly more productive, drive higher customer satisfaction and outperform those who are less engaged.


This is the foundation element in building a work culture that is positive. Building the trust factor between the company and its employees, company and its customers and even company and its stakeholders is very crucial. Without a trust factor, companies can fail to stand against the strongest storm. Being a people focused organisation, Brigade has always been a step ahead in building trust amongst all the direct and indirect stakeholders. This is the reason why we have a great employee retention rate.

‘This is not an industry for women’, is the biggest myth. Having been in the construction industry, it was quite challenging to balance the male to female ratio. But with changing times, women are more open to explore their career in this industry. To provide more opportunity for women, we at Brigade have a dedicated an ‘All Women Team’ for few of our projects. As an organisation we aim to build a safer workplace culture for women, and carefully look at the safety aspects of all our employees.

At Brigade, respect doesn’t come with hierarchy, rather we believe in respecting everyone we interact and work with. Being respected is the key factor for any individual to perform consistently. Be it welcoming a new joinee or seeing-off a customer/visitor, Brigadiers know it all when it comes to promoting a respectful work culture.

Providing opportunities for professional growth is one of the best ways to retain great talent. In an ideal work environment, individual growth is dependent on three elements - people, place and processes. At Brigade, we believe that it is the adaptation of right and convenient processes by people while building innovative places
that enables a positive work environment and growth opportunities. Also, having businesses in various verticals, we provide growth opportunity and experience across verticals.

Approachability to leadership
Our ‘Open Door Policy’ is one of the most effective corporate initiatives that has led us to maintain a positive, uplifting and motivating workplace culture. Accessibility of senior leadership is one of the key factors that has kept the air at Brigade pragmatic.

Adaptability to innovation
Technology implementation is not a one-time exercise, and nothing but change is constant. Adapting to these changes and new age innovation is one of the key attributes of a growing company. As an organisation, we are all ears to the technological suggestions that can make our processes faster, simpler and easier. We were among one of the first real estate brands that adopted SAP’s S4C Hana.

Lastly, the most important ingredient that makes us a workspace to reckon with, is the paradigm shift from trying to get the most out of people, to investing more in them by addressing their core needs - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Therefore, ‘relationship building’ is the best ‘perk’ that motivates an employee and creates a conducive workplace.

In a nutshell - a good work environment is directly related to build a better place to work.


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