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(L-R): Dr. Suma Sudhindra - Outreach Director, Abdul Gafoor Khan - Sr. VP Projects, Brigade,
Manasi Prasad - Museum Director along with M R Jaishankar - CMD, Brigade Group & Founder IME


Over the years, Brigade has been actively involved in the fascinating space of arts and culture in its many and varied forms. From commissioning paintings, sculptures, murals by various artists that have adorned our buildings, we have moved on to creating environments that showcase the arts. The Indian Music Experience (IME) is one such monumental and philanthropic initiative of Brigade Group, conceived & sponsored to give back to society and to educate the present generation of the rich culture and diversity of Indian music. This unique project has also received the support from the Government of India & the Government of Karnataka, many corporate houses, philanthropists and well-wishers.

It all began in the year 2008, when a group of residents of Brigade Millennium headed by P V Maiya and the Brigade Group came together to form the Brigade Millennium Welfare Trust, later renamed as the Indian Music Experience Trust. A two-acre site was allotted by the Bangalore Development Authority to the Trust for the purpose of promoting social and cultural activities. During this time M R Jaishankar, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Brigade Group visited the Experience Music Project in Seattle, USA, which is one of the foremost interactive music museums of the world. Thus, the idea of setting up a similar world-class interactive museum dedicated to Indian music was born.

After nearly a decade in the making, India’s only hi-tech interactive music museum is now open to the public! Celebrating the best of architecture and design, the museum is an encyclopedia of Indian music, presented in an engaging manner, for audiences young and old. Comprising nine interactive Exhibit Galleries, a Sound Garden with ten Musical Sculptures, a Learning Centre for serious learners and hobby enthusiasts, a café, a gift store and a lot more, the IME is poised to become the cultural hub of Bangalore.

The concept of IME was brought to life by Gallagher and Associates renowned museum designers who have also designed the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles and the Woodstock Museum in New York. The Exhibit Area consists of 8 thematic galleries showcasing various facets of Indian music. An instruments gallery with over 100 musical instruments, three mini theatres and several computer-based interactive installations that allow the visitor to experience the process of music-making.


In addition, a performance costume worn by Daler Mehndi, a rare phonograph and gramophone, a selection of microphones, gramophone records and other artefacts form part of the collection.

The Sound Garden features musical sculptures that introduce visitors to the principles of sound. The Learning Centre is at the forefront of delivering high quality music education at the IME and at schools through its outreach program.

In addition, the IME houses various spaces such as a rooftop amphitheatre, a multipurpose mini auditorium and a seminar hall. The centre also features a Café and a Gift Store with specially designed products by the well-known product design house - Foley Designs. The variety of events hosted at the IME from time to time, also brings in artists and performers from all over the world and across all genres.

Instruments Gallery: A stunning double-height display of 108 Indian musical instruments, with an interactive display that provides information on their origin, craftsmanship and sound.



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I am delighted and proud that the Indian Music Experience (IME) - conceived, supported & developed by Brigade - is complete and open to public.


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