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Customer Centricity – The Foundation Of Brand Sustenance

Customer Centricity is not only about customer feedback or customer satisfaction results, rather it is a discipline of attempting to see things from the customer’s viewpoint. We live in an age where ‘Perception is reality’. Today, customers trust their own perceptions, perceptions of their friends, peers, folks and of the people they follow online. Therefore, it becomes important for a brand to know what these perceptions are, and what bothers their prospects/customers, so that they can then respond and improve upon them.

To build a customer-centric culture, brands must take up the following actions:

Be empathetic: At Brigade, we encourage people to express empathy and address the customer’s queries with responses personal to them, rather than using cut and paste canned responses.

Direct customer interaction and motivate employees to stay engaged with them: Direct customer interaction is one
of the best ways to break wrong perceptions, stereotypes and prejudices.


Look for clues and anticipate: Customer Centricity is about seeing things through the eyes of customers. Do this and half the problem is solved. Once done right, it becomes easier for companies to anticipate problems and be more proactive in addressing unforeseen issues.

Be purpose driven rather than function driven: While this is considered a great practice, very few brands understand what it means and fewer actually practice it.

Take a step back and analyse - well-done, sore spots & after taste: While strategising, it is always better to know the hits & misses, and the positives-negatives from previous experiences. The right way is to objectively analyse the best practices, issues and customer experiences.

Well done: If one has got something absolutely right, they shouldn’t just leave it there, rather they should analyse what was “well-done”, so that this aspect isn’t over looked later, rather the good work is shared with team members.
Sore spots: It is also advised to take a deeper look at the pain points, break them down further to determine areas that are affected (this can help anticipate other problems that can arise) and then look for a remedy.

After taste: Saw-Clicked-Bought! No, the customer journey doesn’t end there, rather an actual journey with a brand and its product starts after the customer has made a purchase. A brand should focus on examining a customer experience with his/her product. This is what the ‘after taste’ is.

True Customer Centricity is understanding their perceptions, choices & mind-sets; and act accordingly. Having said that, while it is great to look through the lens of customers, one should know that sometimes customers do not have enough market knowledge, or clarity of vision to know what they actually need. This is where the industry experts come into the picture who will be able to answer even the unexpressed needs and wishes of the customer. This is where the highest and best level of Customer Centricity resides.

We, at Brigade realise buying a home is one of the most important decisions a family makes.

And being there with the family, at every step is not just important, but also one that builds enduring relationships.
Customer trust and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us hence we have taken the pledge to be #Here4You at every step. This unique programme, #Here4You will ensure a hassle-free, two-way communication, while helping us to understand and serve our customers better.



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