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Quality—The Best Business Plan

Quality—The Best Business Plan

The most common requirement of a customer, irrespective of commodity, is quality. Quality is one of the most important parameters deciding the success of a brand or even an organisation. Quality is subjective and the perception varies from individual to individual. For better understanding, quality can be defined as “A measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations, brought about by significant adherence to measurable and verifiable standards to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies specific customer or user requirements.” In line with this definition, we at Brigade, formulated our quality procedures to ensure that our customers remain happy and satisfied as long as they are in possession of properties bearing the Brigade logo.

In order to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied throughout their stay, we ensure and monitor all activities through Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS). Almost 100% of the activities executed are assessed  and a huge amount of data is collected through CONQUAS. This data is tabulated and analysed regularly. Necessary preventive and corrective measures are worked out and implemented based on this regular analysis.

Trainings are arranged based on the analysis of CONQUAS data to prevent the recurrence of discrepancies. On an average, around 75 Brigade engineers and around 150 contractor team members undergo trainings every month. Project ratings are worked out based on the CONQUAS data. Project teams and individual engineers are rewarded based on the CONQUAS score. This resulted in a healthy competition among all engineers, which eventually helped in improving the overall quality standards.

To ensure that customers remain happy throughout their stay, all the functional requirements should be performing to the desired requirements. Following are some of the measures adopted in our projects:

  • Only materials from leading reputed brands are used
  • Each electrical point and switch point is checked for synchronisation. Power sockets are checked for proper electric connection to ensure that electrical appliances are not damaged and function properly
  • Generator back up with ACCL to ensure automatic change over to generator power when main power is disconnected
  • Correct positioning of concealed electric and plumbing system to ensure better appearance of switch plates and taps. And to ensure that exposed fixtures are not displaced due to continuous and prolonged usage
  • Pressure tested plumbing and fire lines to ensure leak-free water supply and fire control system
  • Dye test to ensure that there is no mix up of treated STP water (connected to flushing lines) with domestic water lines in toilets. Colored PVC pipes are used to carry STP treated water to ensure that the connections are provided correctly during execution
  • Lifts with ARD mechanism to ensure that lifts stop at an immediate lower level and doors are opened when there is a disruption in power supply. Lifts are also provided with AMF systems to stop, on account of protection gear in case the guide rope breaks
  • State-of-the-art waterproofing system to prevent leakage and dampness
  • STP and WTP are maintained by Brigade for a year (at least) and handed over to the owners’ association with enough test reports as a testimony of accurate functioning

Finishing works can be executed with required perfection only if the frame is constructed with the required accuracy level. Forward looking approach is adopted during the construction of RC frame and masonry to ensure that an ideal base is available for perfect finishing works. Even the minute details specified in relevant Indian Standard (IS) codes are strictly followed to ensure maximum strength and stability.

The efficiency of control measures during construction is crosschecked against customer comments during handover and post possession. Customer comments regarding construction during handover is around 0.5 defects per 1000 Sq.ft. now. This means that there is one defect (approximately) recorded regarding construction when two flats are handed over. The defects are 0.2 per 1000 Sq.ft. in all recently completed projects, translating to one defect (approximately) regarding construction when 5 flats are handed over to customers. On an average, 75% to 80% of our flats are handed over with zero snags and around 92% of the flats are handed over with less than 2 snags.

The QA process is exercised across Brigade including residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects. Along with residential units, the common areas, basements, terrace, STP, WTP, external development are also constructed conforming to engineering and aesthetic requirements, leading to delivery of projects complying to the best quality standards.

All Brigade properties are constructed with high quality standards. All stake holders can be proud of their association with the best in the industry.


This article is authored by
Girish Mithra,
Head - Quality Assurance at Brigade Group

General, Brigade Group



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