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Commencing a new year at the workspace

Commencing a new year at the workspace

New year, new beginnings.
This holds true for workspaces, as a productive start can lead to a positive impact on the entire year for an organization. A new year gives the perfect opportunity to strategize on improving the organization’s efficiency and setting new goals and milestones.
Here are some ways for an organization and its people to align and reorient themselves towards building a purpose-driven year and achieving professional goals.

1. Holistic development
The modern workforce expects a personal growth trajectory along with the company’s success. As an employer, companies need to empower their people and grant more decision-making freedom and onus. This serves a dual purpose - helps build a confident team while creating a path for strong future leadership. The holistic development involves:

  • Setting clear individual and team goals
  • Clear communication channels
  • Encouraging skill enhancement programs
  • Employee appreciation
  • Employee engagement activities
  • Career advancement
  • Pay raises, and more such initiatives


2. Ergonomic space
Working for long hours can impact employees’ physical health, leading to issues related to joints, muscles, and the skeletal system. It’s time to restructure and create an ergonomic workspace that reduces negative physical health. Repositioning and adjusting computers, providing more ergonomic furniture, standing desks, etc. can help effectuate the same. Administration can introduce flexible furniture and systems to cater to each individual’s requirements. Moreover, consultation with physiotherapists and other experts can also be organized to offer advice for such issues.

3. Better performance management
The modern workforce requires a revised performance management system - one that captures employees’ progress adequately. With the increased adoption of remote and hybrid work, it’s crucial today to build a system that considers all the factors without missing any significant contribution.

  • A 360-degree review system that allows employer-employee as well as peer-to-peer review and feedback offers an insight on the actual performance to evaluate true progress.
  • For the new system to achieve its full potential, it’s important to assign holistic and personalised KRAs at the start of the year.
  • Regular meetings with employees will help in keeping their expectations and goals on the right track


4. Personal branding
Building individual reputation and brand is as crucial as team development. For an employee, it’s important to create a strong and trustworthy identity among their peers and leadership. Working smart, honing skills, and diversifying one’s profile can help shape that identity. Establishing a strong online profile also helps in gaining recognition from industry leaders. Leveraging online platforms such as LinkedIn smartly helps in networking, obtaining new insights, and learning from experts, thus assisting in one’s growth.

A workspace new year resolution allows every member to achieve their goals and improve the company’s overall performance. As the saying goes, a good start is half the work done. An organization that begins the year focussing on employees, workspace, and processes sets its path for progress and advancement.

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This issue is coming after a gap of one year. The April issue could not be released due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and the connected lockdown.


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