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Enhancing Employee Culture in 2022

Enhancing Employee Culture in 2022

With the pandemic in 2020, came the reinforcement of the new world order. Regular life saw a shift, especially when it comes to working culture. Today, the ‘new normal’ allows employees to work from anywhere, for anyone, and still be just as productive as they were previously.

With this shift in routine, there has also been a shift in what employees expect from the workplace. Adaptability is slowly becoming a key factor since employees want to be a part of flexible work cultures and systems. In similar scenarios, the attrition rate represents the hiring and firing of employees. It aids in decreasing labour costs without incorporating staff departures. The question arises, how can a company enhance its employee work culture to improve its attrition rate?

Let’s have a look at some growing trends of employee culture in 2022:

1. Enforcing a people-first culture
In any organisation, the needs of the employees need to come first. Whether it's leave policies, dress codes, cultural events, or the running of key processes. Also, organisations need to take suggestions from employees and have open, honest conversations through group forums.

About 69% of employees say they'd work harder if they were better appreciated. (1) Every employee wishes to be seen, heard, and appreciated where their psychological investment is taken into account.

2. A diverse and inclusive workplace
Today, employees want to be part of a diverse team that is inclusive, accepting, and cognizant of the cultural differences that exist in groups. Not just recognize, companies also need to nurture these differences and have important conversations. Furthermore, it also aids in promoting a healthy work environment where all types of employees thrive, learn, and grow. Weighing diversity is an important factor for 67% of job seekers before job offers and evaluating companies.

3. Employees as brand ambassadors
With social media bridging the gap between borders and people, employees are now effectively using platforms to voice their opinions. In such a case, a company could turn it to their advantage and make employees the voice of their brand. They can do this through testimonials, video content featuring employees, regular digital engagement with members, and so on. When the conversations are positive, it also helps build the reputation of the brand, and lets employees know that they are valued by the company.

4. Making use of cloud culture
Today, one doesn’t have to be physically present to be able to share data and important files with their colleagues. Through various cloud systems and applications, employees can instantly share information and stay in constant touch. Cloud culture has helped sustain and enhance organisations by choosing the right software and platform with virtually accessible premiums and much more.

Companies stand a chance of losing top talents from their workforce if they don’t evolve with the times and general expectations of the modern workforce. Evolution is the essence of a journey; it helps build credibility and value. It enables the employees to think ahead into their future with the company.

For businesses to flourish, many have adapted a mutually beneficial work culture. This includes employee collaboration with safe space and various team-building opportunities. As a result, there has been a definite rise in popularity with loyal employees.



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