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Managing a Hybrid Team in 2022

Managing a Hybrid Team in 2022

The onset of the pandemic had forced everyone to work from their homes. Even though India was among the first few countries which implemented mass vaccination, companies could not welcome their staff back because of the new variant. The Hybrid system came to action mid-pandemic as a relatively safe measure where companies function with partial staff working from the workspace and the rest from their respective homes.

The key is to establish a form of order and give the employees a sense of control over their workspace. Since the employees today have the choice to work from home or the workspace itself, the leaders need to manage a hybrid team well.

Here are a few ways one can help their team function better with a hybrid model:

  • It can get a bit chaotic without upholding certain organizational disciplines in the hybrid structure. Establishing cultural spaces, like a daily huddle where everyone lists out their to-dos of the day, gives structure to the day and plays a major role in team building.
  • Make sure every employee, regardless of where they are contributing from feels included in the decision-making process. Striving to keep open communication with every member of the team helps to be aligned with your co-workers to work efficiently.
  • Include teammates into office banter. Before the pandemic, a functional workspace culture helped to cultivate team spirit and encouraged collation. With the team working in isolation, it’s crucial to keep up that culture of banter and collaboration that brings the team together. Organizing catch-up calls for people who don’t have access to the workspace helps build team spirit.
  • Make an effort to recognize the different issues faced by your employees when working from home or the workspace. Team leaders discussing the problems of WFH or Work from the workspace might help them feel seen and valued. Device a strategy to work together according to the team’s requirements. The team needs to be comfortable with the work model to be productive and efficient.
  • Make sure your team has all the equipment and software updates needed to make a smooth online transition, to work efficiently.

Hybrid strategies have been functional for most companies, given the situation and the hybrid structure has worked well for established companies. Implementing a flexible strategy for the workspace might be the best decision for the health of your employees.

As a leader, one has to take control and communicate with the team. It’s crucial to be transparent and keep the lines of communication open for your team. A Hybrid working model is about giving the employees some degree of autonomy over their workspace and making sure that access to the workspace comes with perks of amenities, utility, and hygiene to help the team to work better.

A team is as strong as its leader, have faith in the team to do their best in any given situation!

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