Commercial | August 2021

Brigade Tech Gardens - A unique, flexible and sustainable workplace

Brigade Tech Gardens - A unique, flexible and  sustainable workplace

Look close enough and everything in nature can be seen as part of an elaborate pattern; structures composed of small-world architecture and synchronous designs, the kind that is found in circadian clocks, inanimate clocks, the earth’s moon, and even social behaviour.

WORLD-CLASS DESIGN The master plan of this Grade A SEZ project has been designed by world-renowned architecture, planning and design firm NBBJ, Seattle, USA


LAND & DEVELOPMENT Total development of 3.3 million sq.ft. on 26 acres, located in the middle of Bengaluru’s IT corridor at Brookefields.

WORK HAPPY. WORK AGILE. Brigade Tech Gardens is a flexible and sustainable development blending technology and nature seamlessly to create the idyllic 21st-century workplace.

EXCELLENCE ATTRACTS EXCELLENCE Create the right environment and the best will come! It’s this approach that has resulted in the finest and most successful companies making this prestigious address, their home. Mercedes Benz Research and Development, Manhattan Associates, Fidelity National Finance, Ralph Lauren, Fossil, and First Source are but some of the few names in this list


RHYTHM AND PLAY OF NATURE This remarkable sculpture was commissioned to represent the inimitable rhythm and play of nature. The flapping of butterfly wings, the dappled sunlight through the leaves on trees, the swinging of bamboo all combine to form an abstract representation that plays with light and shadow all day long at Brigade Tech Gardens.


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This issue is coming after a gap of one year. The April issue could not be released due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and the connected lockdown.


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