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We are committed to giving back to the community

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As the battle with the pandemic continues, Brigade Foundation is committed to its pursuit of excellence in the fields of education, healthcare and community development

CSR and Community Development
Our continued commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility has ensured that we give back to society and to those in need. We had allocated a considerable amount during the first quarter of 2021-22 towards relief and aid. Some of the measures included:

  • Contribution to the Karnataka Disaster Management Authority, Government of Karnataka
  • Contribution to the SOS Children’s Villages of India
  • Donation to six charitable hospitals including the renovation and remodelling of an existing hospital:
    1. Patient multi-parameter monitors
    2. Ultrasound systems, ventilators
    3. BiPAP machines
    4. PFT machines
    5. Supply of medicines / oxygen concentrators / PPE kits / hand sanitisers / masks etc., to government and non-government organisations
  • Livelihood toward 6,000 families of migrant workers / needy people through the supply of ration kits and rice
  • Support to government institutions through donating desktop and laptop computers to the DDPI, BEO and government schools

Uninterrupted learning in Brigade Schools, 2020-21
The children, parents and staff are at the core of all our activities. The highlights of the academic activities included the following:

  • The school has not increased the fee for the last six years (since 2016-17)
  • A 15% reduction in the fee payment has been extended for the year 2021-22 for all those who have paid the fees in full for the year 2020-21, till May 2021
  • As advised by the Hon. High Court and the State Government, the school has looked into the financial distress faced by the parent on a case-to-case basis, based on their IT returns / bank statements / employers’ certificate on salary and employment status / personal declaration
  • Following this, the school has extended a 30% reduction on fees to a good number of parents. The final order of the Hon. High Court is awaited
  • Keeping in mind the interest of students, the online classes are being conducted professionally, incurring additional expenditure to the school. This additional expense has not been passed on to the parents. The school did not disconnect any student from the classes in the academic year 2020-21 for non-payment of fees
  • There was no reduction in staff strength or a cut in salary implemented for either teaching or non-teaching staff
  • Maintenance cost continues to be on the rise year on year, with reduced income in terms of fee
  • Hitherto, the educational institutions were getting a discount of 75% of the total assessment under Property tax. In 2020, BBMP has withdrawn this benefit resulting in payment of 100% property tax. This has increased the financial burden on the school
  • To prevent and contain the spread of the pandemic, a vaccination drive was conducted. Most of the staff have been vaccinated
  • Necessary protocol measures to mitigate and contain the pandemic have been put in place
  • The Brigade Foundation thanks all the parents and students for their unstinted support during these difficult times. We are sure they will back us to honour our commitment to providing students with a relatively uninterrupted, accessible and engaging educational experience

Dr. H Shashidhar

Chief Executive Officer, Brigade Foundation

Foundation, Brigade Group



A Few Thoughts

This issue is coming after a gap of one year. The April issue could not be released due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and the connected lockdown.


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