IME | August 2021

Ravi Naman A Grand Finale To PT. Ravi Shankar At the Centennial Celebrations!

In February, the IME marked the finale of its year-long exhibition on sitar maestro Pt. Ravi Shankar with a series of tribute concerts by leading musicians from Bengaluru, namely, Flautist - Pt. Pravin Godkhindi, Vocalist - Sangeetha Katti and Sitarist - Anupama Bhagwat. This was the first live event at the museum after nearly a year, and it was encouraging to witness overwhelming support from the audience.

Ravi Naman

IME, Brigade Group



A Few Thoughts

This issue is coming after a gap of one year. The April issue could not be released due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and the connected lockdown.


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