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Five ways your workspace would transform by the next decade

Five ways your workspace would transform by the next decade

It is observed that certain trends in business & technology are governing how employees work in different workspaces. In the coming years, the style of work will bear a slight resemblance to present-day trends. If we wonder what a workplace would look like, it would simply mean reworking the policies, strategies, initiatives, employment trends, etc. The future of workspace has now been in the limelight, more than ever. This is primarily due to new patterns of work that were crafted during the ‘new normal’. By enabling a workspace that reflects innovation and inclusivity, a business can align itself with its vision.

Working models will go through a 180-degree transformation
On one end tech-giants across the globe are announcing permanent remote working, the other end has big fishes in the market who feel that a hybrid model allows for overcoming bigger challenges without missing a beat.

‘The role of the office has changed. People aren’t going to go back to five days a week. Offices are going to be hubs of innovation and social interaction.’ says Bhushan Sethi, joint global leader, people and organisation, at global consulting firm PwC.

Massively investing in health, safety & infrastructure management
With the global pandemic having turned the tables, the major focus now lies on employee welfare across all industries. When mobility is non-negotiable, a plan of action is to stay preventive. Apart from the basic protocols like masks and sanitization, high-end disinfectant tools and ventilation systems, the unrest in employees has called for improved mental health offerings such as training on distress management, counselling sessions, and digital tools to bring in focus, mindfulness & calmness in employees.

More focus on increasing diversity, inclusiveness and equity
A humongous amount is now being invested annually in building diversity, inclusivity and equity. By addressing issues around racism, sexism, the glass ceiling effect, and several other prejudices, the companies are trying to create stimulating environments. Big chains like Starbucks are now basing their pay on the ability to build inclusive and diverse teams. With a rock-solid strategy, Human Resources around the world would be in a much better place to meet the required numbers for a good organisation ranking on these indices.

Emphasis on employee-centric developments to keep them satisfied
A lack of concern for employee welfare has recently introduced a lot of rift between the employees and the organisation. One end of the spectrum includes upskilling to develop a career curve and the other calls for burning the midnight oil around the clock. The solution here lies in emphasising how employees can benefit from their functional 9 hours at work without striving for opportunities at work. Workspaces that allow networking despite the geographical ambit will help employees in networking opportunities, enhancing their learning curves without compromising on their requirements. It’s the fundamental role of the organisation & HR leaders to come together for the enforcement of a proper distribution of time when it comes to working, learning and enjoyment.

Integrating technology transformation and humanness at work
Remote working for the longest time compelled organisations to enforce digitised tools and automate solutions to strictly limit human interaction. A McKinsey study stated that 85% of organisations boosted digitization while 67% accelerated the use of automation and AI. Hence, an area of focus in the next few years would be the utilisation of virtual and augmented reality. When not working in highly functional commercial workspaces, the employees are hoping to network & connect via virtual reality to allow interaction that goes beyond sound & images.

By creating a workspace that meets the requirement of all the listed trends, a business can flourish with ease despite the changing times. Businesses with flexible working models that focus on employee welfare & lay at the epicentre of technological advancement are bound to facilitate a smarter working environment. Picking the right kind of commercial workspace can provide holistic coverage of each & every component.


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