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Office Space In Bangalore: How To Find The Best Amenities And Deals

Office Space In Bangalore: How To Find The Best Amenities And Deals

Office Space In Bangalore: How To Find The Best Amenities And Deals

It isn't hard to rent office space in Bangalore or the other developing metro cities in South India. Businesses are rapidly getting hooked because the architecture, interiors, and amenities are geared to accommodate the unique and varying requirements of the employer and employees. Some distinct features include

  • A spacious open plan that could be scaled up or down to house different team sizes.
  • Adaptable workstations with office desks, comfortable chairs, multipurpose furniture (e.g., couches, ottomans, bean bags, etc.), and up-to-date equipment offer comfort and convenience to employees.
  • Dynamic areas allowing the flexibility to work from wherever and however, an employee wants.
  • The warm, ‘green’, and welcoming interiors are well-ventilated, sunlit work and common areas along with the provisions of fresh air circulation.Natural elements promote a healthy and sustainable work culture.

The result is a happy environment, positive work experience, motivated employees, and a healthy work-life balance.

Structuring A Flexible Office Lease
Here are some tips to help you find the best office space for lease on favourable terms.

1. Carefully selecting the lease term
Big businesses usually prefer long-term leases because they are secure and often come with discounts due to their long tenure. However, a short-term lease (renewed quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly) is recommended for startups and micro businesses that are working on solidifying their earnings.

2. Using your rights to renegotiate
Adding a 'timed renegotiation clause' allows organizations to revisit their decisions; then discuss and alter certain sections in their lease as per their requirements.

3. Having provisions to optimize space
It’s a wise decision to include the contraction clause (for renting less space) and the expansion clause (for occupying more space) if you feel you have a dynamic team size.

4. Including termination and renewal options
An early termination clause can help you break from a commercial lease before the expiration date, should you want to relocate or terminate your operations. Likewise, a renewal clause provides clarity on the rental increments and other amenities, should you extend the contract for the coming years.

5. Securing unused office spaces
Having the clause for subletting or re-assigning allows you to avail the benefit of unused office space. The assignment clause lets current tenants turn the lease over to a new renter, while the subletting clause allows them to lease a part of your rented space to a tenant temporarily.

The Brigade Group- one of the renowned names in the commercial industry, designs aesthetic office spaces in Bangalore with beautifully landscaped gardens, appealing architecture, and world-class amenities. Get in touch to rent an office space that helps your business grow!

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