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Committed to the company's goals and values

Committed to the company's goals and values

We congratulate and thank our employees for the many years of service and loyalty to making our Mission, Vision, and Values come true every day.

Long Service Award

“My career at Brigade started in 1991, and during my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to deal with projects across industrial, residential, commercial, IT buildings, hotels and clubs. Proud to say that I was involved in the many “Firsts” of Brigade. For example, my first project was the Industrial building BMM, where we used Torkari 55 grade steel and soil cement blocks, which we manufactured at the project site itself with a shell roof.

I have learnt a great deal from my mentors at Brigade over the years, especially how to handle tough situations, contractors, vendors, etc. at crucial times. I will always be grateful to the Management and all the lovely Brigadiers who have supported me through these years. I look forward to the same in the up-coming years of my service at Brigade.”

- Suresh B C
Sr. Vice President-Projects
Brigade Group

Suresh B C

General, Brigade Group



A Few Thoughts

There is no shortage of challenges and excitement – be it in the world or in a country or in an organisation or in one’s personal life.


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