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Honouring the legacy of India’s legendary rulers

Honouring the legacy of India’s legendary rulers

It’s a truism that the greatness of humans is often measured by their achievements. Some are singular in the way that they affect the sphere in which these great people work. Others are remarkable in the way they affect communities.

It’s the rare few that are so remarkable they move humanity itself, forward. These are the noble ones. The standards are so high that the few that make the cut have often spent entire lifetimes in achieving them. Some of them are our own. Which is why we thought it apt to celebrate them in our Annual Calendar.

It is our hope that by doing so, they serve as inspiration and a beacon of light to many.

Annual Calendar

Agency: Freeflow Ideas Pvt. Ltd.
Award won: Big Bang Awards, 2021
Category: Silver

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A Few Thoughts

There is no shortage of challenges and excitement – be it in the world or in a country or in an organisation or in one’s personal life.


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