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A way to help understand the natural world and raise awareness of our environment.

For long, birds have enthralled us with their ability to take to the skies, and have inspired our cultural wealth – our music, poetry, art and more.

These sentinel species are crucial to our ecosystems and the sustenance of our natural habitats.


Birdsong is an exhibition curated by the Indian Music Experience Museum that spotlights the contribution of birds to our ecological and cultural wealth.

The exhibition features stunning photographs and illustrations, a display of musical instruments inspired by birds, audio-visual kiosks showcasing bird calls, computer interactives and graphic panels that highlight the connections between birds and humans and the significance of coexistence.


“ Birdsong is unique because, for the first time, it brings together music and ecology through an exhibit about the fascinating world of birds. We are all acutely aware of the depletion of urban biodiversity, and we hope this exhibition will encourage visitors to discover the importance of birds to both ourenvironment, as well as our traditional and popular culture.

The exhibition's tagline, ‘are you listening?’ not only refers to the urgent need for environmental action but also inspires us to find music and beauty in our own surroundings. ”

- Manasi Prasad
IME Museum Director

The exhibition, which will be on display at the IME for a period of four months, will be accompanied by a host of events, public programmes, nature walks, workshops and online talks.

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