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Top 5 tips to maximize space at home

Top 5 tips to maximize space at home

Whether your home is big or small, it can be a major cause of concern to be pressed for space. Creativity is key when it comes to making use of every inch of your home. Space maximization helps to get rid of clutter and improves the functionality of your home. With smart space-saving ideas for small homes, you can also create an illusion of space.

A disorganized home and clutter can impact you in many ways. Apart from taking up space, clutter often creates a visual distraction that affects productivity. As space comes at a premium in metro cities homeowners are turning to softer & personal minimalist designs. Home space-saving ideasare all about focussing on the essential functioning of your home without compromising aesthetic appeal.

As Joshua Becker, the bestselling author of ‘The More of Less’ says; “To live is to consume.” Accumulating possessions is an unavoidable innate need of humans, but if the clutter is getting in the way of enjoying your home, then it is time to act!

Here are some easy-on-the-pocket tips on how to maximize space in a small house:

Tip #1 – Maximize the use of light illusion – Lighting is perhaps the best tool in hand to create an illusion of space in your home. By strategically placing the light fixtures higher with the help of wall sconces, overhead lighting, and taller lamps, you can make the room appear much larger than it actually is. Adding mirrors to reflect light, adding a skylight opening, letting in a lot of natural light, using sheer curtains or painting the room with soft and neutral colours are other ways to use the illusion of light.

Tip #2 – Maximize the use of corners – Overlooking the space potential of room corners is something that we are all guilty of doing. You can turn it around with some great décor ideas to make the room seem bigger. Add some supplemental functionality by placing a small chair, a savvy-looking storage solution, or carving out a mini workstation, reading nook, or craft corner for kids. Hooks can also be installed on the corner wall to hang frames or practical elements like keys.

Tip #3 – Maximize the use of multifunctional furniture – Furniture that can double up for multiple purposes can both reduce clutter and provide you with storage options. A sofa bed or ottoman with storage or a dining table that can also turn into a work desk is one of the house tricks to save on space. Day beds are especially useful for guest rooms that also act as office space. In bedrooms, a headboard with built-in bookshelves or a bed frame with drawers is a good home space-saving idea. Multifunctional furniture also saves money and is easy to clean and maintain.

Tip #4 – Maximize the use of a few statement pieces – Though it may seem ineffective, using the right type of large statement décor pieces can actually bring in drama and make the space appear bigger! For example, an oversized artwork that takes up two-thirds of the wall can anchor the room and make it look larger. Too many small pieces may make the room tinier and also add to the clutter. A statement sofa, a large rug and a rustic armchair are some options you can try out.

Tip #5 – Maximize the use of vertical space – If the floor space of your home is packed with furniture, it is time to look up to the walls! The large surface area of the walls in the rooms offers great scope for decoration and furnishing. The key to using walls to your advantage is to utilize them aesthetically and correctly.

Mounting television, speakers or entertainment centers to the walls or opting for wall-mounted shelves for books and movies can clear up floor space. Replacing bulky lamps with wall-mounted lighting solutions or replacing chairs with ceiling-mounted hammocks are space-saving ideas for modern homes.

According to some recent studies published in the New York Times, disorganized homes are often associated with high levels of stress.1 So a cramped home will no doubt cramp your style, your family’s well-being and your energy flow. The many ideas on how to create more space in your home work best when executed creatively and functionally.

The latest advances in technology and product design are also making way for newer ideas to save space in your homes. From portable tabletop ironing boards to balcony cloth dryers to stackable appliances, be open to trying out trendy and minimalist home space-saving ideas.

If you are looking for homes to invest in, check out the spacious and thoughtfully designed apartments by the Brigade Group, where each home is designed to maximize space while inviting abundant natural light and ventilation.

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